frunetty Das Fruchtnetzwerk - aus Leidenschaft für Früchte
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The frunetti GmbH operate on the dessert fruit market. Joint marketing and information campaigns enhance the sales of the shareholders – “Obstgroßmarkt Mittelbaden Oberkirch eG”, “Obst vom Bodensee Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH” and “VEOS Vertriebsgesellschaft für Obst mbH”.

The frunetti GmbH are responsible for the design of packaging for special events, sales campaigns and marketing activities as well as for the performance on international fairs. Customers can always get the latest information about the products of the participating firms on the internet.

Information from the POS is vital for sales activities. The frunetti GmbH also gather data about the quality standards of the delivered goods to improve the performance of its members.

The information gained from the POS allows also better response to the development on the market.

The partners of the frunetti GmbH produce more than 220.000 tons of topfruit, stonefruit and berries.

The exchange of information about currently available stocks and technical capacities in the participating companies is an important aspect for promoting sales. This is not only significant for the estimation of future developments on the market, but also for executing sales promotions throughout Germany. The extension of the season of some fruits results in longer sales periods.

An optimised logistic system will help to serve the needs of our customers.

The strategy of the co-operation aims at an improved cost-value ratio on the one hand and at the spread of risks on the other.